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Wie man Klebeband anbringt: Fingermarmelade

Finger jams occur when a blunt force is applied to a join of the finger. The force is generally directly into the tip of the finger and combined with hyperextension of the joint. Ligaments and other soft tissue surrounding the joint are stretched or torn resulting in significant pain. Swelling, bruising, and loss of motion typically accompanies the pain.

KT Tape can help stabilize the joint without locking it down, allowing for comfort and promoting healing to occur more rapidly*. It is more important to diagnose the sprain so that fractures or dislocations can be rules out or treated effectively. Failure to do so could result in loss of movement or chronic pain. Rest, ice, and NSAIDs can be very helpful in treating both the inflammation and the pain. If the pain does not subside within the first 12 hours and a medical professional has not been consulted, see a clinician to properly diagnose the sprain and identify any fractures or dislocations.
“Jammed Finger” is a term that refers to the many injuries of the ligaments and soft tissue around the small joints of the fingers. Jammed fingers are very common in ball handling sports or activities where there is a high degree of catching objects. Finger jams occur when a compressive force hits the end of the finger, causing inflammation and pain in the joint. KT Tape stabilizes the joint without immobilizing it.
Was Sie brauchen
1 strip of KT TAPE
1 full 25cm strip cut in half vertically
Vor der Aktivität auftragen
Eine Stunde vor Beginn der Aktivität auftragen
Saubere Haut
Reinigen Sie den Bereich von Schmutz, Ölen und Lotionen
Klebstoff aktivieren
Nach dem Anbringen reiben Sie das Band kräftig, um den Klebstoff zu aktivieren.
Hold your finger in a slightly flexed position, palm down.
PREPARE: 1 strip halved lengthwise and half of one resulting strip
Place your anchor with no stretch over your nail and fingertip, directing the strip away from your hand.
Control the anchor with an adjacent finger, turn your hand palm up and apply a moderate stretch directing the strip over the front of your finger and palm, toward and onto your wrist.
Apply the last two inches with no stretch. Now, as you slowly extend your finger, apply the tape down onto the skin of your palm and finger.
Next, take 1 small strip of tape tear the backing in the middle. Apply with no stretch on the front of your finger just beyond the painful joint.
With your finger flexed, apply moderate stretch and direct one end of the tape over the side of the painful joint.
Apply the last two inches with no stretch on the top of the finger above the joint. Repeat steps to apply the other end of the strip.
ACHTUNG: Bei Hautempfindlichkeit, Krebs oder Schwangerschaft sollten Sie vor der Anwendung Ihren Arzt konsultieren. Brechen Sie die Anwendung ab, wenn die Haut gereizt oder wund wird. KT TAPE® ist kein Ersatz für eine professionelle medizinische Versorgung. Garantien und Rechtsmittel sind auf die Kosten für den Ersatz des Produkts beschränkt. LESEN SIE VOR DER VERWENDUNG ALLE VORSICHTSHINWEISE AUF DEM BEILIEGENDEN ANWEISUNGSBLATT.
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KT Tape ist ein elastisches Sporttape zur Schmerzlinderung und Unterstützung von Muskeln, Sehnen und Bändern.
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