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Cómo usar KT Tape: Back of Knee

These conditions have many causes ranging from genetic to overuse. In any case, continuing to engage in extensive physical activity without rest or treatment would exacerbate the problem.

Use this application to increase blood flow to the area and relieve the pressure. Increasing blood flow to the area and relieve the pressure. Increasing blood flow will help to reduce inflammation, and reducing the pressure will help with the pain and aid in avoiding compensation injuries*. As the pain subsides, light progressive stretching should be implemented along with massage.

Whatever the cause of your pain at the back of the knee, the effects of KT Tape will benefit you*. Use this application in combination with the full knee support application for maximum effect.
¿Por qué aplicar KT Tape?
Pain at the back of the knee can be caused by many issues including hamstring tendonitis, a baker’s cyst, popliteal tendonitis, and other conditions such as overuse, causing swelling or inflammation. KT Tape helps treat this condition by relaxing and supporting the muscles, reducing pressure in the area of pain, and increasing circulation.
Lo que vas a necesitar
2 full 25cm strips of KT Tape
Aplicar antes de la actividad física
Aplicar una hora antes de empezar actividad física
Piel limpia
Limpia la suciedad, aceites y lociones de la zona
Mejorar el adhesivo
Después de la aplicación, frote vigorosamente la cinta para activar el adhesivo
Posición del cuerpo
Stretch the back of the knee
A full strip 7cm below the lateral side of the back of the knee.
Apply the tape around the point of pain with 50% stretch.
Apply the last 5cm of tape without stretch.
Repeat the previous step, applying the tape on the medial side of the leg.
Apply the tape around the point of pain with 50% stretch on the tape.
Apply the last tow inches of tape without stretch.
CAUTION: If you have skin sensitivities, cancer, or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated or sore. KT TAPE® is not a replacement for professional medical care. Warranties and remedies limited to product replacement cost. READ ALL CAUTIONS ON ENCLOSED INSTRUCTION SHEET PRIOR TO USE.
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KT Tape es una cinta kinesiológica diseñada para aliviar el dolor y proporcionar soporte a músculos, tendones y ligamentos.
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